Lights, Camera, Wolves, Action!! Part 2……

Lemmy, Elvis, Sting, Moby, PJ and KD were their names, the wolves of Wildwood! The rock stars who represented the potential ‘rewilding’ of the British Isles, since wolves were eradicated from on our bonnie lands in 1680…..Meaning, these wolf stars are important ambassadors for their species!

The wolves of Wildwood (Photo credit: ER Hobkirk)

……..So, following on from last time, why could these young wolves be frequently displaying dominance and submission towards each other, or even engaging in conflict!!??…..Well, wolves typically mature at 22 months old, at which age they should either become integrated members of their natal pack or they should disperse and form their own new packs, or even join another existing pack! In any case, they must establish their ranks within their pack’s social hierarchy (of which, two separate linear social hierarchies exist for both females and males!), and in the case of our six new wolfy buddies, they are at the age that they should be establishing these hierarchies……………


Filming can be hungry work! (Photo credit: ER Hobkirk)


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