Lights, Camera, Wolves, Action!! Part 1……

Once upon a time, in a University far, far away, a lone wolf biologist sat in her little research office writing about the social behaviour of the wolves she has seen (in total so far, 16 captives and 53 wild!), when suddenly she receives a very interesting and unexpected email from a film company, Blink Films, “…Your research is very interesting and we would like to include it in our new animal communication documentary series….” – wait….what? Seriously!? That’s amazing!! The lone wolf biologist just received an absolutely amazing opportunity! And with that, off she went to see more wolves!! Of course, a big thank must go to ‘Gandalf’ (Sean) for recommending this wolfy ‘Hobbit’ – so, thanks ‘Gandalf’ for this next great adventure!!

On another wolfy adventure!! (Photo credit: P Coles)

Without a second thought, I said yes, yes, YES! To taking part in the documentary series – a chance to exhibit my research and show just how communicatively complex and awesome wolves are – brilliant!…….But, how does all this TV stuff work?? What was I to expect? After all, this was going to be a little different to presenting my work to a lecture theatre full of academics, or a lab full of undergraduate students…..hmmm……………

Click on the wolf below to find out!!

Lights, Camera, Wolves, Action!! Part 1……


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