Guest Bloggers – The Spectrum of Behaviour

If there’s one thing to learn about the world of scientific endeavors, it’s that connectivity matters. Connectivity between systems, connectivity of dynamic processes, but most importantly it is our connection to other researchers and their work. This is accomplished through peer-reviewed publications, local and international conferences and meetings, and now increasingly through social media outlets.  As there is a growing need of keeping the public informed, there is an increasing responsibility for scientists to relay this information in a clear and concise manner.  Many researchers now have blogs, twitter accounts, and video diaries to not only spread the word about their work, but also to put a human face to the often perceived to be inaccessible “temple of science”.  Unless you are already incorporated into some of these circles, it can be difficult to find the right people to follow or to connect to for your own research interests and potential career options in the STEM fields.

Over the next few months, we will be playing host to a few guest bloggers. While we only focus on a very small aspect of behaviour in one species at the moment, I thought I would take a chance to expand this universe of behavioural ecology to highlight many of its applications, implications, and connections to fields across a spectrum of disciplines.  Our colleagues will be telling you a little bit about their work, but also about their other research interests and career experiences.  These guest bloggers represent a wonderful spectrum of how behaviour and behavioural research principles can and have been applied across a wide range of taxa (more than just seals!). Many of them have blogs or twitter handles of their own for you to add to your daily digests!

I hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for monthly guest blogs from our colleagues.




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