Bird Has Flown!

In the words of Deep Purple, “the bird has flown!……Sensation!!”

Flown to where exactly?…..just to the United States to go and observe wild wolf behaviour out in YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK!!!! Yeah, I didn’t even believe that when I wrote it at one of the numerous airports I’ve been through just to get here!

Bye bye UK!! (Photo credit: ER Hobkirk)

Hello US!! (Photo credit: ER Hobkirk)

So yeah folks, Gandalf (Sean) has sent this young Hobbit off on a great adventure! And as a consequence you will all receive a flurry of blog posts from me, from Yellowstone, about one of the most incredible, mesmerising animals ever to grace this planet – yep, wolves in all their glory – warts and all! (Thomas Cromwell sneaking in there….knowledge is power!!) But I will also tell you all about the other wildlife out here, and there is a lot of it!

Elana at Yellowstone National Park. (Photo credit: S Jones)

Well, I need to go prep (and sleep) before heading out to observe some wild wolves, which will be before sunrise, and will last until sunset! And yeah, that’s 7 days per week, and I will be out here for a full month, in winter no less!! So, stay tuned to Researching Wolves for updates on this great adventure!!


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