Broadening horizons…


Pukak howling (Photo credit: ER Hobkirk)

Hi all! ‘Lieutenant’ Hobkirk reporting for duty! It’s been a while since I last posted anything on Studying Seals; it’s a bit weird being in the seal soup as it were…But, while the ‘General Major’ (Sean) and the rest of our squadron are battling the ‘navy seals’ up on the Isle of May, I have been busy battling my own ‘dogs of war’ here back in Durham with my own fieldwork, and taking care desk duties, including the refurbishment of my own blog, Researching Wolves……..

It is my pleasure to announce several new updates to my blog; I have now included a new “Wolf Biology” link that will give you lots of good information on general Grey wolf biology and conservation. I have wrote a full page on Grey wolf communication, mostly because I often find this information elsewhere to be lacking, and as canid communication is my area of research I thought this was more appropriate! You will now also find me/my research on Twitter (@ElanaHobkirk) and the most exciting new feature is the addition of my YouTube channel!! Here you will find uploaded videos that accompany my blog posts and which will hopefully give you a greater understanding of wolf behaviour and thus, broadening your horizons… I hope you all enjoy the changes!!


A pack of wild Yellowstone wolves (Photo credit: S Jones)

“I canid get enough of canids!”


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