The lone wolf disperses from the pack…….

Hi and welcome to everyone interested in wolves!! This is a quick blog post to announce my new Researching Wolves blog (see: that is linked to my team’s Studying Seals blog (see: – see www links on each blog!!


Researching Wolves Blog – click image to go to blog!!


Studying Seals Blog – click image to go to blog!!

I originally started blogging about my wolf research on Studying Seals, but as I am primarily a wolf biologist it made more sense for me to have a site dedicated to my canid research instead of being a side category on a seal research site – I guess you could say I was a wolf in seal’s clothing!! But even though this lone wolf has dispersed from the pack there will still be a chain link (get it?) connecting both of our blogs! After all, I am still a member – the Selkies and Steppenwolf!!

So, I have been an official member of the “Twiss lab” since October 2015, but I have been a constant fixture in Dr Twiss’ lab since August 2013 (!!)…..As you may read in “About Elana” at “Researching wolves”, as an undergraduate student I became very obsessed with Behavioural Ecology and as a result I ended up becoming a voluntary research assistant for Dr Twiss – and as a result of that I am very coherent in Grey Seal (Halichoerus grypus) behaviour! But, wolves are my foremost passion – that’s not to say I don’t say “awww” at fluffy Grey seal pups or get the biggest grin of excitement on my face when observing two Grey seal males going head-to-head over a harem of females! Same reactions occur with wolf pups, and witnessing wolves jaw snapping at each other!! The power of these animals is extraordinary…….

But, back to wolves – on my new site I will provide all manner of information on wolves and contact details for me in case your wolfy curiosity takes over and you want to know more! My new site will also provide information about domestic dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) since they are part of my research too! However, being an ambitious scientist I will also try to provide some information on other wild canids, from Coyotes (Canis latrans) to Maned wolves (Chrysocyon brachyurus), which are not actually wolves I might add! Thus bridging gaps and hopefully answering questions in canid research! (Oh, and I might even chuck in a bit of my art work…..) In the meantime here are some wolves and seals……….


This is Nuka, one of my wolf subjects chowing down on a nice chunk of Muntjac deer – the tail of which is in his mouth! (Credit ER Hobkirk)


Here is a nice profile photo of Nuka – as my research is all to do with wolf faces I get many, MANY, close-up shots like this. (Credit ER Hobkirk)


A Grey seal mother with her one day old pup – a stage one pup – note the pup’s skinny body and white lanugo coat, you can even see the umbilical cord still attached! – and the mum is obviously bigger than the pup……… (Credit SD Twiss)


Here’s a mum with a pup about 16 days old – not such a difference in size between mum and pup! The mum has used a lot of her blubber to produce the fat rich milk – which the pup uses to grow and build up its own hefty fat store – a valuable resource for when mum heads of back to sea and leaves the pup to fend for itself. (Credit SD Twiss)


Massak howling – there are many theories as to why wolves howl – for territorial behaviour, to rally separated pack members after a hunt, to maintain strong family bonds, attracting a mate, and some researchers theorise that wolves will simply howl just for fun! (Credit ER Hobkirk)

Elana’s motto: “I canid get enough of canids”

(What’s a motto?……Nothing, what’s a matter with you!?)






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