Behind blue eyes…..

Piercing blue eyes staring at you from a far, dazzling spheres of azure fire, cerulean globes of power seeing into the depths of mortality………who possesses such judgements? Who has this incandescent authority, who has these eyes of blue!!??

Siberian huskies of course! One in particular, meet 001F! Unfortunately this poor unwanted pup was not given a name initially and in my haste to scribble down notes in my field-book (a task in itself) I named her 001F…..I could name her now I guess….errr, Siberia? I am way open to suggestions! Be part of my research and name 001F!! Fully identifying your research subjects is a majorly important task when conducting behavioural observations on individuals – gotta keep tabs on each unique singular creature – thus, you can look at individual differences in behaviour that may occur within your group(s) of beasties! No two animals are exactly the same, even twins have their differences!


001F, Siberian husky, female, 2 year old – special features: Piercing blue eyes!

So what’s so fascinating about 001F, besides her gorgeous eyes? Well, she’s a feisty wee thing for a start – clever, bit of a loner, brass-necked, and not afraid to tell you exactly how she feels! Hmmm, she reminds me of someone…………there she stood irritable, grumbling at passers-by, including me, then trying to escape her detention by any means necessary – wayward child – but I like a challenge (and so did she from the looks of it!).


001F, looking a wee bit sad as she tries to get out of her kennel – through a gap she can barely fit her face into!

She was housed with other dogs, Joe (the dominant pack member), Keone and Harry – three boys, who seemed to think she was the underdog, bottom of the pack. However, she wasn’t one for just lying down and ‘taking it’– she had a lot of moxy! A no quit attitude, never surrender! Needless to say I utterly adored this lass. The boys would roughhouse with her, but she fought back just as good as she got, and despite her not being the biggest dog, she would still grab the lads and toss them to the ground like they were rag-dolls. Then she’d stand over them, and stare straight at them with those piercing blue eyes as if to say “don’t you dare move!”. Eventually she seemed to move up in ranks above Keone and Harry, and joining ranks with Joe – it’s quite fascinating seeing dominance hierarchies being established right in front of you, how each interaction can make or break your current social position, and in 001F’s case underdogs don’t stay under forever! After all, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog!


Joe (left), Keone (right) harassing 001F.


Keone (left) and Joe (right) wrestling 001F to the ground.


001F stands her ground! Her face says it all……..Joe and Keone rightly back-off.


001F takes hold of Harry, Joe keeps his distance in the background.


001F staring at Joe.

After a few ‘scraps’ to sort out ranks amongst themselves, the pack of pooches settled down, and appeared quite harmonious. 001F might of initially appeared to be a cantankerous, short-fused sprite, with a petulant demeanour, but she turned out to be a loveable, sweet young thing that just wanted to belong to a pack……’no one knows what it’s like to be the bad dog, to be the sad dog, behind blue eyes’….. If these dogs truly wanted to harm each other they could and would have, they may not have the bite force of a wolf (see previous wolf posts for info) or 2 inch long canines like a wolf, but they are still capable of inflicting severe wounds. But all of this forceful behaviour between these guys is once again just communication to prevent serious injury. What’s more fascinating is that 001F did indeed appear quite wolf-like in her facial expressions, as I expected from her being a wolf-like dog, however, we shall see what happens with other wolf-like breeds, such as the beautiful Ranger, a German Shepherd! As you know I am partial to a Shepherd or two! So he is definitely on my ‘to-do’ list!! (I just canid get enough of canids……)


001F and Joe chilling – harmony established!!


Ranger – what a bonnie lad.


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