All Along the Watchtower…….

Besides the fact that the title of this post is actually a cracking song! It’s also appropriate as here at UKWCT there is a lovely positioned ‘watchtower’ that allows me to see for miles and miles (who let The Who in??), and it lets me watch my lovely wolves without disturbing them, thus I can take some pretty spectacular photos. However, for my research as you may have guessed I need to be up-close and personal, meaning I spend some of my time sat on a laptop cover (stuffed with polystyrene!) which I prudently position upon the moist Earth beneath me, next to my wolves. While sitting on said make-shift cushion, Nuka was quick to come and investigate – why you hanging around my pad, mannn?…….Was the impression I got from him, as he stood, inches away, staring at me with big fluorescent eyes. Then there was Tala – she decided my camera was too tasty to pass by, and thus must be licked (good job I have lens wipes!……good job she ONLY licked it), and thanks to a great guy I’m working with here, Mike Collins, I managed to get an exceptionally cute photo of Tala peering into the lens of my camera!


Views from the ‘Watchtower’


Resulting images of the ‘Watchtower’……


Nuka: Why you hanging around my pad, mannn?


How cute is Tala!? Extremely cute!!!!!

Of course some of the wolves are too interested in other, more important, seasonal affairs such as mating (as we saw in 50 shades of Grey wolf!) and the consequential den digging – preparation for the birthing and rearing of pups. However, as usual food plays a major part of a wolf’s lifestyle and as usual Pukak will not let anyone have his food, even when he doesn’t want it himself! Speaking of wolves and their food – the consummatory face of a wolf is very interesting as it shows many facial movements in a short space of time – and for me, watching a wolf eating is something incredible, watching them negotiate with fur and listening to them crunch through bone. INTERESTING FACT TIME! German shepherds (a wolf-like dog breed) have a bite force of approx. 750 psi, a mighty bite force worthy of respect……but, a wolf has a bite force of 1500 psi – DOUBLE THAT OF A GERMAN SHEPHERD!!! Literally bone crunching……….thus, if you think about it, if wolves did not have a means to curb aggression within a pack, they could very easily cause serious, if not fatal harm to one another – and what is that means of restraint? Yep, communication…….which we will see in action next time………


Mosi digging her den


Pukak defending his food (bottom right corner) from his brother Massak


Pukak emphasising the fact that his brother cannot have his food……but, Massak is unimpressed!


Mai (left) literally tucking into a rabbit, while her mate Motomo whines for food – did he get any? NOPE!!


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