Where are they now?

Since the establishment of this blog (circa. 2012), intrepid masters of research, diligent PhD students, and very keen undergraduates/volunteers have all shared their stories of fieldwork with you, our avid readers. Some of those highlighted the interesting biological and ecological questions we are working to understand, some focused on the difficulties or logistics involved in conducting behavioural research, and others chronicled the ‘dealing with horizontal-wind-hail-combinations and chocolate cravings’ that comes with research on remote islands.


But over the years, these young-researchers have come and gone from the Twiss Research Lab at Durham University, and one begins to wonder: What happened to them after they hung up their binoculars? After they closed ArcGIS down for the last time? Do they still dream of seal pelage patterns? Have they expanded their horizons to other species? Have the students become the teachers?


Tune in over the next few weeks as we hear from past students of the Twiss Lab, and find out what you can do with the skills learned as a behavioural ecologist!!


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