Seals in the mist…….Zoe’s seals

Another day, another dawn! At least I think there was one…it’s a tad misty out. But day observations go on and there is another new arrival at Crosspark! Caught on camera, seal number 2 was a bit shy at first but a beautiful baby was born and everyone in Crosspark knew it (he was shouting his head off within about 20 minutes!). I do believe suckling has started in earnest so hopefully seal 2 will have a nice fat pup soon.


As she remains my nemesis over the wall I feel it is only fair to give an update on Betty (damn you Betty!). She is angry as ever. She seems to delight in arranging herself so it is as difficult as possible to get past her. I hesitate to call her activities plotting but I am beginning to believe she is using her intelligence to my inconvenience. The battle of the wits goes on!

Unfortunately the mist has put night observations on hold for the meantime but hopefully tomorrow will be a better weather day. My last few nights have been a success so ghost seals will be back on the menu soon (so to speak!).

Over and out!



Seals in the mist – making behavioural observations a wee bit more challenging!


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