Our first study females


Our first grey seal mother with heart rate monitor this year, nursing her pup.

Today we managed to apply our first heart rate monitors. We now have six mother grey seals with heart rate monitors applied, and we can monitor them all simultaneously from distances of over 50 meters. That means we can watch the seals’ behaviour and record what’s happening to their hearts without being anywhere near them – so we can record their behavioural and physiological responses to naturally occurring stressful events with no impact from ourselves as observers.



Watching our grey seal mother from about 60 m away.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be applying heart rate monitors to more seals, and spending most of the time recording their behaviour on video and their heart rates from a distance so that our presence is not affecting the seals’ behaviour.


Courtney monitoring the receiver where we pick up signals from the seals’ heart rate monitors and can record their heart rate remotely on a laptop.




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