..and ‘Hi’ from Courtney.

Courtney Shuert

Courtney Shuert

My interests have focused on how an individual survives and what drives that survival based on various aspects of physiology, behaviour and ecology. During my Masters thesis, recently completed in Alaska, I developed a keen interest in pinnipeds for the challenges that they face having to deal with both an aquatic and terrestrial life as well as the inherent difficulty in studying them. While my previous experience focused on survival rates in a mark-recapture setting, I have now moved over to behavioural ecology here at Durham University. Joining with Dr. Twiss for my PhD, I will be investigating fine-scale individual differences in activity budgets and behaviour of lactating female grey seals using tri-axial accelerometers. More specifically, I seek to develop methods for remote monitoring of fine-scale behaviour as well as to investigate the potential physiological and energetic costs and trade-offs of different behavioural types.

Since I seem to be drawn to cold, wet places, it only seems fitting that I continue on my PhD journey on another rock in the ocean studying such magnificent and majestic pinnipeds as the humble grey seal. But, I also enjoy Pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, large databases, as well as the odd well written piece of statistical analysis code in R. My favorite colour is green


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