In the thick of it!

It started off another soggy morning as we headed out to face the perils of the field. The trek to the north of the island provided it’s usual challenges of slippery rock hopping and seals of the ankle biter variety. The time it took delicately negotiating our way through the masses left me wondering how the heck we would find our way out again. Nevertheless we made it to one of our newest study subjects……..Lollipop. We found Lollipop very obliging for the first half an hour observing some excellent resting behaviour within the range of our receiver. However this was not to last and she quickly withdrew her cooporative approach. With Lollipop on her back and showing no signs of moving we decided to cut our losses and moved on to a more successful observation session. With an hour of recording under our belts and high tide approaching we found ourselves at the mercy of our fearless Seal shepherd. As the designated distraction we managed to hot foot it out of the colony barely escaping with our lives (needless to say, it wasn’t quite as exciting as this, but we did get growled at).

For the afternoon, our efforts were focused on RCV tests using our faithful ‘Rocky’. Despite Rocky’s best attempts to foil our plans we successfully tested three lovely ladies for the second time. Largely similar in nature to the first trials, the ladies in question all varied slightly in their responses to the RCV. Helga retreated to a safe distance with her pup and left Rocky to a very intrigued female who seemed  to take quite a shine to our RCV. Sally approached cautiously and Jolie, with another crazy female acting as her bodyguard, didn’t seem to ‘give a monkeys’. The females around the target individuals in contrast were not so keen on entertaining rocky and executed an attack from all angles upon retreat. Thankfully Rocky made it out in one piece.


Fearless Rocky heading to the eye of the storm.



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