Introducing, Norna

After much debating on what ‘name’ we should give our first girlie, we decided on “Norna” as an amalgamation of North Horn–the location where she has pupped. Its a simple name, but better than tag 74393.

Norna and pup. Happily sleeping with her new heart-rate monitor.

Norna and pup. Happily sleeping with her new heart-rate monitor.

Today was our first day after the capture checking up on Norna, and she was happily sleeping the day away with her pup. Never mind the howling wind and pelting rain, she couldn’t have seemed to care less. For us three intrepid observers huddled at the top of the North Horn peering down it was…shall we say….a less than ideal weather day. Luckily for us Sean successfully returned with chocolate and tea at midday to help warm us up.

Heart-rate monitor on and recording!

Heart-rate monitor on and recording during a pup-check!

On the behavioural front, Norna seemed very relaxed today and alternated between sleeping and nursing her pup. Periodically she would glance up from her ‘nap’ to do what we call a ‘pup check’, a behaviour that seems to be a way to keep track of the pup’s wandering and the surrounding area for intruding females and overly amorous males.

Norna's location.

Norna’s location; she and her pup are at the bottom of the picture.

When we got out of the rain and back into the lab, we downloaded our first heart-rate traces and were pleased to see some fairly nice traces from the hours of obs. To double check our new kit and protocols we will send the data off to Naomi, the heart-rate master, back in Durham for her expert eye to evaluate.

Tomorrow seems to be more pleasant weather so we will probably be out again getting the observations in unless a new mum is ready to be tagged!



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