Stranger tides

It’s all change here after the tidal surge that inundated the east coast on Thursday evening. At our more isolated site the tide removed around 4m of dune, including the dune that our hide was set up on. Unfortunately, that meant that the hide was nowhere to be found on Friday morning, and this is all that’s left of the dune it was on:


At the public site, the outbuildings suffered serious damage and a lot of the fence had to be removed so that the seals with young pups could seek refuge from the rising tide in the dunes. Fortunately for us the hide survived in one piece, so after a morning of helping to clear the worst of the damage it was business as usual for me. The removal of the fencing means that most of the females with pups have made their way onto the dunes and the males have new areas to explore. This male has settled down just in front of the hide, and despite the battle scars has kept his spot for the past couple of days:

Draw me like one of your French girls...

Draw me like one of your French girls…

Both sites are a little quieter than before – it seems that many of the females have taken advantage of the high tide and returned to the sea. Having said that, it was nice to see that so many of the females with young pups managed to stay with their pups and have stuck around to continue nursing:


As the seals are all over the path and the dunes, Amy has been unable to continue her observations but has already managed to get an excellent set of data with a big sample size – more from Amy in an update shortly.



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