Home away from home

Well it was a bit damp…and by damp I mean it was pouring…but Sean and Amy got the hides set up yesterday. The hides have taken a bashing the last two years with broken screws and loose fittings, but nothing some elbow grease and copious amounts of duck-tape (gaffer tape) can’t fix! These hides will be our homes away from home for the next 7 weeks. As you can tell from the picture…they’re not very spacious, but they do a good job of keeping us out of the rain and wind (mostly) and safely tucked away from the occasional curious pup.

Hide #1 up and ready to go!

Hide #1 up and ready to go!

Field observations won’t start until Friday. Partially because we had to go back to Durham to help get Naomi and Sean underway and partially because there are still no seals! Without fail though, in another week or so the site will be full of mums and pups and males crashing around and we will have our hands full! Until then its packing, loading up on chocolate, and charging batteries!


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