A new year begins…..

Ok, so it’s not New Year’s, but it is the start of a new academic year, but more importantly for us, it is the start of the next seal breeding season – and that means fieldwork!  We also have two new members to our research team, Amy Holt and Naomi Brannan, who are just starting their Master’s by Research projects – both studying aspects of grey seal behaviour. Amy and Naomi will be telling you more about their research in the weeks to come I’m sure.s-twiss-11

For now, we are all busily preparing for our field campaigns, making sure we have all the kit we need and making sure it all works!  Sean and Naomi will be off to the Isle of May, off the east coast of Scotland, while Amy and Amy (yes – that will get confusing!) along with James will be heading back to Amy’s (Amy Bishop that is) old stomping ground on the east coast of England to see how many of her males from 2011 and 2012 return this autumn.

We’ll all be adding regular updates about our field work as the season progresses – relating what and who we see, what the seals get up to – and ourselves of course, what we find out, what works and what goes wrong (as inevitably things do on fieldwork!). So, keep checking in!!


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