Halfway point

For James and I today marks halfway through the field season while for Amy, who has been here for a week longer than us, this momentous occasion was passed last Thursday. Thursday was also the American holiday of Thanksgiving, a time for people to remember what they are thankful for and eat way too much food. We celebrated the holiday in style as Amy, who hails from the US, prepared a meal of roast chicken with cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and green beans all washed down with beers and followed by apple strudel and cream. We also received a bagful of goodies from our friends back in Durham including a hot water bottle and hand-warmers for which we are most certainly thankful.

A stage five pup

In seal news the pups are getting noticeably bigger and some are now fully moulted and weaned and will soon be heading out to sea for the first time. The colony continues to grow however as pups are still being born, this means that there are now pups of all ages and stages from new born stage ones, to fully weaned stage fives.

Another stage five pup digging a hole

Finally Amy reports that Gonzo has returned and I am told that this is interesting…


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