Amy’s off to the field!


Amy and Hagen start to piece together hide number 1

Yesterday, Amy, Sean and Hagen headed off from Durham, for Amy’s field site on the East coast of England. After  a 5 hour drive, and a few hail showers, we arrived at the seal breeding colony, and spent the rest of the day setting up Amy’s two observation hides, as you can see in the photos. Amy will be spending the next seven weeks in these little wooden boxes, dawn til dusk, every day, whatever the weather!!


Amy and Hagen beside completed hide number 2

Hagen, who is an ‘honorary’ member of our seal research team at Durham, is just starting his own PhD research on wild red deer in the Highlands of Scotland, and he kindly volunteered to help Amy and Sean get these hides set up – and see a few seals close up too! There were already a good number of males at the site, and I’m sure Amy will be telling us more about them very soon.After a brief ‘farewell’ in the local pub, Hagen and Sean headed back to Durham, as Amy settled in to her  field season. Meanwhile, back in County Durham, a little bit of winter in October…….Image


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